"The Gift of Authentic Italian Food​"

         INSIDE (Walk-in...Reservations...or Call-Ahead)

                CURBSIDE pick-up available



                                        DELIVERY (7-mile radius)​

Face masks are mandated by Pasco County inside our business. We provide complimentary face masks & hand sanitizers (alcohol, alcohol-free, and alcohol swabs) for guests if needed.

Although the Governor has re-opened dining room occupancy to 100%, we have voluntarily removed several tables and 20 seats to support social-distancing.

Dining Room employees wear face masks. We disinfect & sanitize tables & condiment containers after each guest leaves. Our high temperature commercial dishwasher washes/rinses at 160/180 degrees.

                            Stay safe ... and well-fed.


 If you ask anyone in the world where they find their 

 favorite Italian food the answer often is "from the hands 

 of my grandmother." We take many of the same

 traditional Italian dishes that people find at home and

 bring them into our restaurant so that we can become

 your second favorite...right after Grandma.

                        Piccola Italia Restaurant

             37502 SR-54 West   *   Zephyrhills, FL 33542

                                        (813) 782-2856

                     Web:     www.PiccolaZHills.com

                     Email:    info@PiccolaZHills.com

               Year-Round Hours of Operation

                          Mon - Thur     11 am - 8 pm

                          Fri                    11 am - 8 pm

                          Sat                     4 pm - 8 pm

                          Sun                        Closed  

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